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Document Node Blog A closer look at the writing experience of Document Node

A closer look at the writing experience of Document Node

Typewriter cover image Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Professional writing experience consists of the best typeface for writing, focus modes, and a simple way of formatting text.

Document Node currently supports two typefaces for writing:

  • IBM Plex Mono
  • iA Writer Duospace

In focus mode, everything fades away. Everything but the thought that you are expressing right now. Focus mode helps you dive into the flow.

Using focus mode in fullscreen cuts out all distractions, including whatever text surrounds your current sentence, paragraph, or typewriter box. Scrolling deactivates focus mode automatically until you settle in a different spot.

Focus on the current sentenceFocus on the current sentence

Focus on the current paragraphFocus on the current paragraph

Focus on the typewriter boxFocus on the typewriter box

Choosing a keyboard typewriter sound lets you just want to write more.

Choose the keyboard sound you love
Choose the keyboard sound you love

A little cheerful popup will jump out when you want to format your selected text.

Format text with a simple clickFormat text with a simple click

Everything comes with a light theme too.

Screenshot of light theme for Mac
It also comes with a beautiful light theme

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