I'm thrilled to announce that Document Node Classic is now also available in the App Store.


When it comes to app review, Apple is more strict than anyone else, which is a great way to guard the bottom line of quality. We went through a non-trivial process and finally got approved to enter the App Store.

Screen Shot 2020-07-30 at 6.27.28 am

From now on, our regular and frequent application updates will also be rolled out to the App Store.

Future Application Updates

Document Node Classic edition is only the tip of the iceberg, which is about writing, note-taking, and mind mapping and so on (content creation).

The mission of Document Node is to simplify the whole chain from writing to publishing for individuals, small businesses, and innovative high tech companies.

  • Classic Edition - for writing, mind mapping, note-taking
  • Creative Edition - for building and generating web sites from your content seamlessly (easy-to-use site builders, static site generators)
  • Collaborative Edition - for creating and publishing websites and documentation collaboratively in teams

Gradually, we will roll out the Creative and Collaborative editions to the App Store as well.

Pricing Model

We have planned to develop a large number of new features in Document Node over at least the next five years, which means Document Node is not something like the traditional software 20 years ago that you could buy once and use it "forever". Without updates and continually evolving, any software will die. Document Node has its own life and changes dynamically to adapt to the latest environment and evolves by new features and new designs.

On the other hand, Document Node is embracing cloud technology and artificial intelligence to provide up-to-date, high-quality services.

So, our primary pricing model naturally falls into the category of subscriptions.


We believe that lots of things can be done in the right way to boost our productivity when it comes to content creation and publishing. We are passionate about keeping on with our mission.

Thanks for reading and your support. Please stay tuned.